HC Deb 19 February 1918 vol 103 c625W

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty whether, in the case of officers taken prisoners, any distinction is made in respect to the payment of the field allowance to those belonging to the Navy and to those belonging to the Army, and, in that case, what is its nature; why the difference exists; and whether, considering that the two classes of officers do precisely the same sort of military land work, there is any reason for allowing the perpetuation of such differences of treatment?


Officers of the Army continue to receive the field allowance they were drawing before captivity, but naval officers do not. On the other hand, naval officers will be granted an allowance to meet the cost of food, etc., during captivity, and this has no counterpart in the Army. It is not proposed to alter the existing arrangements, as the two Services are, as a rule, serving under different conditions, and the regulations are therefore different.

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