HC Deb 11 April 1918 vol 104 cc1652-3W

asked the Parliatary Secretary to the Ministry of Food (1) if he can state the quantity of bacon now warehoused in Liverpool and what portion of this is in cold storage; whether he can state the further quantity of bacon that is expected to arrive in the same port in the near future, and how far the cold storage space available in that port is likely to be blocked in regard to the reception of imported fresh meat; and whether the Ministry can, in view of the importations already made and further expected, increase to the workers engaged in heavy labour in agriculture and otherwise the ration of bacon, with the further advantage of releasing additional cold storage for the larger accumulation of fresh meat; and (2) whether his Department has promised extra rations of meat to men engaged in heavy industries; whether these extra rations will be a] lowed to agricultural labourers as men engaged hi a heavy industry; whether he is aware that the agricultural labourers in the Eastern Counties have frequently to work very heavy land which is especially suitable for the growth of wheat, and have been invited by the Prime Minister to work overtime; and whether the Food Controller will at the earliest possible date give instructions to the local committees to substantially increase the rations of such men above the present allowance of 1 lb. of meat and ¼ lb. of margarine each per week, such increases to affect also women who are engaged upon the land?


It is undesirable to state the quantity of bacon expected to arrive at Liverpool in the near future. The question of storage both at that port and elsewhere is receiving the constant attention of the Food Controller. As I have just informed the hon. Member for the Kirkdale Division of Liverpool, arrangements have been made to allow a supplementary, ration of bacon or other meat (excluding butcher's meat) to persons engaged on bodily labour, whether in agriculture or elsewhere.

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