HC Deb 10 April 1918 vol 104 c1474W

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he is aware that deductions are made from the wages of the workers employed in the National Projectile Factory, Carndonald, in aid of the support of, amongst other institutions, the Dr. Barnardo and Quarrier's Homes; whether he is aware that the institutions named are purely Protestant, and that if Catholic children are admitted to them they have to engage in Protestant worship; that a number of Catholics are employed in this factory; that money deducted from them is applied without their consent to the upkeep of these institutions; and that no money so deducted is applied to the upkeep of purely Catholic institutions; if, in view of the provisions of the Truck Act, he will explain why money is deducted from the wages of workers in this way and a printed statement published that concurrence in the deduction will be assumed unless written dissent is entered by a given date, thus leaving those who protest open to victimisation; and whether he will take steps to see that the rights of the Catholic workers are protected, and that they will not be forced in this way to subscribe to institutions which are exclusively Protestant?


The Ministry of Munitions has no information regarding this complaint. Inquiries are being made, and I will communicate the result to my hon. Friend.