HC Deb 23 November 1917 vol 99 cc1540-1W

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food, having regard to the statement made by the Director of Food Economy at Glasgow on the 16th November that consumers of liquids manufactured from cereals would be rationed under the voluntary rationing scheme on the basis of reckoning the quantity of cereals required for the manufacture of their beverages as part of their weekly bread and cereal ration, whether he can now state the quantity of grain or other cereals required for the production of a gallon of beer, stout, whisky, or other potable spirit, respectively, and their equivalent in bread and cereal values?


The quantities of cereals required in the manufacture of beer, stout, and whisky are as follow:

For 1 gallon of beer (standard specific gravity 1,046) 2.48
For 1 gallon of stout (specific gravity 1,060) 3.12
For 1 gallon of whisky (30 under proof) 17.41
Allowance must be made for the feeding to animals of the offal and by-products involved, which represent approximately one-third of the cereals used.