HC Deb 19 November 1917 vol 99 c879W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether he is aware that Mrs. Johanna Cronin, Lomanagh, Sneem, county Kerry, has been granted a pension of 3s. weekly instead of the 5s. to which she is entitled; that her husband died after making a will by which he divided the farm between the two sons, leaving his widow the grass of two cows free; that probate of the will was taken out and the two sons hold separate receipts for the farm from the Land Commission; that the widow has now only one cow and one calf, and has no other means; that the Sneem Sub-Committee passed her claim for 5s.; and will he say what steps will be taken to obtain for Mrs. Cronin the full pension to which she is entitled?


This pensioner has been in receipt of a pension of 3s. a week since 1st February, 1914. She applied recently for an increase, which was refused by the Local Government Board on the ground that her means precluded her from receiving a higher rate of pension. The facts as regards the will are as stated; but the pensioner is receiving maintenance from her sons on the farm, and it is doubtful whether she is now entitled to any pension.