HC Deb 15 November 1917 vol 99 c612W

asked the Minister of" Labour if, for the purpose of giving particulars as to earnings for publication in the "Labour Gazette" and other official publications, he will adopt a different form of inquiry to the one now in use which will separate the various employments from each other, as, for instance, in regard to the weaving industry, one that, instead of stating that so many work-people employed in the weaving industry as a whole earned so much, would state the number and earnings, respectively, of the workpeople employed as weavers, over-lookers, burlers, dressers, twisters, etc.?


The figures published in the " Labour Gazette " as to numbers employed and amounts earned in certain industries give a good indication of the state of employment in those industries, and for the returns on which these figures are based the Ministry is dependent on the good will and assistance of a large number of employers. It would be impracticable to obtain, month after month, the detailed statements suggested by my hon. Friend.