HC Deb 15 November 1917 vol 99 c587W

asked whether any schemes have been adopted by municipalities or by hotels or other private associations for the feeding of garbage to pigs?


It is the practice of hotels and restaurants to dispose of swill to fat wash contractors and swill boilers, and a ready market is found among pig keepers for the material remaining after fat has been obtained through boiling. Experiments have been tried by municipalities, notably at Liverpool, for the collection of organic refuse in the interests of pig keeping, but these experiments have hitherto met with only partial success. The main obstacles are (1) the necessity of providing each householder with two refuse receptacles. one for organic and the other for inorganic garbage; (2) the difficulty of inducing householders to separate the two classes of garbage; (3) the difficulty of collection owing to the depleted staffs of local authorities; and (4) the provision of the plant needed for sterilising the material before it can be used as stock food.

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