HC Deb 20 March 1917 vol 91 c1747W

asked the Attorney-General whether he is aware that several honourable Members have accepted unpaid positions in various Government Departments in order to assist in the prosecution of the War and have virtually become unpaid Civil servants; whether such positions, as, for instance, that of Controller of the Priority Department of the Ministry of Munitions, unpaid, can be accepted by an honourable Member without vacating his seat; and whether he will take such steps as may be necssary to prevent any Member from unwittingly vacating his seat or exposing himself to penalties as a consequence of his public service?


I am aware generally of the matters referred to in the first part of the question With reference to the particular position mentioned in the second part of the question, the answer would appear to be that it is not an office or place of profit under the Crown, nor does it appear that such precautions as are indicated by my hon. Friend are necessary.