HC Deb 09 July 1917 vol 95 cc1616-7W

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty whether officers in the Royal Navy who have resigned their commissions owing to ill-health, wounds, or other reasons, provided that they have nothing recorded against their characters or reputation, are entitled to continue to use the titles of their rank held by them while serving in his Majesty's Navy?


It is presumed the question refers principally to officers who are invalided. All permanent commissioned officers of the Naval Service who are invalided are placed on the retired list and retain their rank. Temporary officers who are invalided for disability contracted in, and entirely due to, the Service are allowed to retain the rank held by them at the date of invaliding. Officers who resign their commissions voluntarily are not entitled to retain their rank, but officers of the permanent Naval Service may be placed on the Emergency List with the rank held by them on resignation.