HC Deb 19 February 1917 vol 90 cc1005-6W

asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office if sergeant-majors of the Territorial Force who at the outbreak of war were serving on the permanent staff of their battalion and accepted commissions as quartermasters were discharged from the Regular Army with a non-commissioned officer's pension, often only the day prior to their appointment as quartermaster, instead of being permitted to continue their service and earning retired pay under Article 577 (1), Royal Pay Warrant; and seeing that, had they taken commissions in the Regular Army instead of standing by their unit in the hour of need, they would have become entitled to £80 per annum on the cessation of hostilities or had they gone into the New Armies as quartermasters would have come under Article 577 (1), Royal Pay Warrant, if he will consider the possibility of granting these men the retired pay which those in the New Armies will enjoy?


I think my hon. and gallant Friend has been misinformed. In both the Territorial Force and the New Armies, quartermasters' commissions are only temporary and do not carry retired pay under Article 577 (1) of the Pay Warrant. Sergeant-majors situated as described in the question are awarded the pensions they have earned when they take their commissions, and draw them concurrently with their pay as officers.