HC Deb 12 February 1917 vol 90 cc291-2W

asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether old shrunken, threadbare, patched, and darned clothing is being issued to the troops serving in France; whether officers commanding battalions in France have refused to issue such clothing to the men serving under them; and whether, in consequence, an order has been issued by the Army Council respecting issue of part-worn clothing service dress, giving an extract from Army Council Instruction, No. 1321. of 1916, for information and guidance (utilisation of part-worn service dress clothing) to the effect that this is an emergency measure to meet existing conditions, and though the standard of the renovated part-worn clothing may be much below that of the ordinary peace issues, it must be accepted without question and continued in wear to the utmost possible extent, and that so long as wearable no objections to its re-issue can be entertained?


The instructions to which the hon. Member refers were issued in July of last year and had reference to Home. Commands only and were based on the paramount necessity under existing conditions of using every possible economy in woollen commodities. Steps have been taken to ensure that no clothing which was not unquestionably fit for further use should be issued to the fighting troops in France. The War Office has no knowledge of any commanding officers refusing to issue the clothing supplied.