HC Deb 25 April 1917 vol 92 cc2428-9W

I desire to ask you, Mr. Speaker, a question relating to the Orders of the Day, namely, whether hon. Members who are landowners or farmers growing wheat or oats are entitled, under the Standing Orders of the House, to take part in the Division on the Corn Production Bill, in view of the financial benefit which will accrue to them under the provisions of the Bill; and whether, if they are precluded from voting for the Bill, they may vote against it? I put the question as I am myself in the position described in the question.


I think the hon. Member will be quite safe in voting either for or against the Bill. This is a Bill which is drawn in the national interests; it is not drawn with a view of financially assisting any particular Member of this House, and the benefits are really so problematical and so uncertain that I think the hon. Member is quite entitled to vote.