HC Deb 25 October 1916 vol 86 cc1143-4W

asked the Minister of Munitions if he is now in a position to make his promised statement as to the scheme arrived at between the Ministry of Munitions and the War Office for replacing single men working on munitions by men unfit for general service; and, if not, will he state which Department is responsible for the delay in arranging for this matter to be proceeded with?


  1. 1. A scheme has been agreed upon by the Ministry of Munitions and the War Office for the release of unskilled men under the age of thirty who are fit for general service and now employed on munitions work.
  2. 2. The War Office, at the request of the Ministry of Munitions, and with the approval of the Labour Adviser to the Government, have undertaken that men coming under the following categories:
    1. (a) exempted from military service for the time being by local tribunals or recruiting officers conditionally on their undertaking work of national importance;
    2. (b) at present serving in the Army who are not fit for general service and who are surplus to the requirements of their unit;
    shall have laid before them an opportunity of voluntarily enrolling as Army Reserve Munition Workers.
  3. 1144
  4. 3. Such men on enrolling and signing an undertaking with the Minister of Munitions, and having been passed to Army Reserve "N," will be found occupations suitable to them and will act as substitutes for men released for general service.
  5. 4. The War Office, who appreciate the importance of the continued and increased output of munitions, have agreed that, concurrently with this substitution, a reinforcement of labour so necessary to the manufacture of munitions shall take place so far as possible from similar sources.
  6. 5. The local operation of the scheme will be carried out by the Employment Department of the Board of Trade through their Employment Exchanges. Employers can obtain from their local exchange full information as to the details of the scheme.