HC Deb 12 October 1916 vol 86 cc208-9W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury if the question of bonus to the lower-paid Civil servants has yet been finally settled; if so, can he make a statement of the grades who will benefit thereby, and the amounts; if, in calculating total remuneration,only those allowances and other emoluments which are pensionable will be added to pay; if so, if he is aware that this seriously affects officers in regard to the amount of pension, and will he reconsider that aspect of the question; will he say if all officers, both established and non-pensionable, will benefit by the bonus; and n he can see his way to raising the dividing line between the higher and lower grades of pay of those benefiting so that the larger bonus will be paid to a larger proportion of those of the lower grades, having regard to the increased cost of living being relatively more than the increased remuneration?


His Majesty's Government has decided to grant a war bonus, dating from the 1st July last, to all full-time employes of Government Departments (whether established or unestablished) excepting

  1. (1) Those who have already received increases of wages on the ground of war conditions; and
  2. (2) Those who have been engaged during the War at rates with reference to war conditions.
The amount of the bonus is 4s. a week to adult male employes whose remuneration (including allowances, etc., but excluding overtime) does not exceed 40s. a week, and 3s. a week to those whose remuneration exceeds 40s. a week but does not exceed 60s. a week; and half these rates to women and persons under eighteen years of age, within the same limits. The above limits follow the Post Office award, and appear to meet fairly the necessities of the case.