HC Deb 23 November 1916 vol 87 cc1644-5W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the attention of the Secretary of State has been directed to the arrest, on a charge of high treason, in Athens of M. Tambruhis., the acting chief editor of the "Patris," a journal which is in favour of the policy of M. Venizelos; whether the alleged high treason consists in publishing documents regarding the handing over of Fort Rupel to the Bulgarians in obedience to official documents signed by M. Skouloudis himself and the War Minister in his Cabinet by which the commander of Fort Rupel was authorised to allow the fort to be occupied by Germans and Bulgarians but not by the Allies; whether the publication of the "Patris" of these official documents signed by M. Skouloudis, the Greek Prime Minister of the day, showed that when he, as Prime Minister, declared in the Greek Chamber that he knew nothing of, and had given no order for, the surrender of this fort, he was guilty of a deliberate public falsehood, having regard to the fact that he had given the order for its surrender two months previously; and whether His Majesty's Government will take adequate measures to prevent the infliction of that penalty of high treason or any other penalty on M. Tambruhis for the exposure of an act of treachery or looseness on the part of M. Skouloudis to the Allies towards whom his Government was assuming the guise of neutrality while endeavouring to counteract their policy in German and Bulgarian interests?


His Majesty's Minister at Athens has been asked to furnish a report on the incident. As I have already pointed out, it is for the Allies, and not for His Majesty's Government alone, to take measures in connection with this and other like occurrences.

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