HC Deb 01 November 1916 vol 86 cc1744-5W

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he "will state the various classes of sugared goods which have, during the years 1915 and 1916, been exported from this country for sale in the United States, Holland, Sweden, and Norway; whether such exports were made under licence; and whether he can state approximately, within a few thousand pounds, the values of such exports during the years 1915 and 1916?


presented the following statement showing the value of the exports of sugar and the principal descriptions of sugared goods of United Kingdom manufacture to Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands and to the United States of America during the year 1915 and the nine months ended 30th September, 1916:—

Nature of Goods. Exports to
Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. United States of America
1915 Nine months of 1916. 1915 Nine months of 1916.
£ £ £ £
Sugar, Refined and Candy 2,769 1,400 70
Beer and Ale 4,512 2,950 174,912 182,867
Table Waters 2,542 2,259 78,199 87,790
Biscuits and Cakes 27,740 14,315 29,569 21,339
Cattle and other Animal Foods 2,440 2,439 1,240 735
Cocoa. Preparations of Cocoa 17,059 551 4,249 1,857
Sauces or Condiments not specially enumerated in the Export List 12,236 11,889 102,686 94,511
Molasses 109,425 77,368 3,535 1,605
Confectionery 36,531 20,816 11,586 13,809
Marmalade, Jams and Fruit Jellies 2,364 1,221 46,302 32,381
All other 1,340 477 3,086 4,717
Totals 218,958 135,685 455,434 441,611
Exports of Beer and Ale, Table Waters and Confectionery, and Sauces and Condiments unenumerated (for the most part) have not been prohibited to any of the destinations specified curing any portion of the period covered by the above statement. Exports of Sugar and of Cattle Food containing molasses have been prohibited to all such destinations throughout the period, except under licence. The following statement shows the position as regards the other goods separately mentioned above:—

Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. United States of America.
Biscuits and Cakes Prohibited from 11th September, 1915 Not prohibited.
Cocoa Beans Prohibited from 8th January, 1916, to 3rd February, 1915, and from 30th July, 1915, to date Not prohibited.
Cocoa Powder Prohibited from 3rd February, 1915 Not prohibited.
Molasses Prohibited from 26th July, 1916 Prohibited from 26th July, 1916.
Marmalade and Jam Prohibited from 23rd February, 1916 Prohibited from 29th September, 1916.
Fruit Jellies Prohibited from 23rd February, 1916 Not prohibited.