HC Deb 16 May 1916 vol 82 cc1348-9W

asked the Prime Minister at what age compulsory military service commences and terminates in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Turkey, France, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Japan, Serbia, Montenegro, and Great Britain?


The information is as follows:—

County. Military Service commences. Military Service terminates. Remarks.
Germany 17th birthday 45th birthday Active military service does not commence before 20th birthday.
Austria 18th birthday 42nd birthday Austrians are now being called up to the age of 55. Active military service commences from 1st January of year in which 21st birthday occurs.
Turkey March 1st following 20th birthday 25 years subsequently
France Year following 19th birthday 28 years from 1st October of the year following that in which 19th birthday occurs
Belgium 18th birthday 33rd birthday in peace time Those between 18 and 25 in addition to those serving on the 1st March, 1915, must serve for the duration of the war.
Russia October following the year in which 20th birthday has occurred 43rd birthday
Italy 20th birthday 39th birthday
Japan 17th birthday 39th birthday Not called up for actual service till 20 years of age, but may enlist between 17 and 20.
Serbia 18th birthday 50th birthday
Montenegro 18th birthday 62nd birthday
Note.—No claim for discharge holds good in war time in the case of Germany, Russia, Austria and France even if the age limits specified for these countries have been reached. In war time Austrian and German conscripts are called on for active service at any time after their 17th birthday.