HC Deb 01 June 1916 vol 82 cc2922-3W

asked the Prime Minister whether he is aware that two Dublin detective police officers visited on the 24th instant, Empire Day, the residence in Dublin of Mr. T. Adminaruyana Chettiar, a leading citizen of the Presidency of Madras, who has been living with his wife and son in Dublin for the purpose of qualifying for the Bar at the King's Inns, where he has passed most brilliant examinations, winning on several occasions the highest prizes, and that the police officers, having for several hours searched all Mr. Chettiar's papers, books, and effects, found nothing in the slightest degree which threw any suspicion on his loyalty and took nothing away from his house; whether he is aware that Mr. Chettiar, who has been subjected to this treatment, has for over twelve years rendered honorary service to the Government of India, having served as a special magistrate, vice-president of the local board, and honorary visitor of the Salem Gaol, has been exempted from the operations of the Arms Act in India, has been awarded in open Durbar the silver medal at the Coronation in 1911, which celebration, as well as that in 1903, he attended at Delhi, and has been asked to advise the Indian Government in several important matters, including Lord Morley's reform in the Indian Legislative Councils, and has organised nearly 100 co-operative societies in his native district; and whether, having regard to the indignity to which Mr. Chettiar has been subjected and the indignation and unrest which this incident has created among the Indian community, especially his fellow Indian students, and in Dublin and is likely to create in Berlin, he will take steps for an investigation of the circumstances and of the character of the information under which Mr. Chettiar's house was thus visited and searched by the police while his wife was ill, and for the vindication of Mr. Chettiar's character and an apology to him, and, through him, to the loyal subjects of our Indian Empire who are aggrieved at this insult?


Inquiries are being made ino this matter.