HC Deb 31 July 1916 vol 84 cc2107-8W

asked what will be the relation of the officers sent out by the War Office to deal with matters of supply and transport in India to the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army as such or as a member of the Government of India and to the Governor-General of India in Council under the Act of Parliament giving him the supreme control of the Army in India?


Officers sent to Mesopotamia will be serving in administrative services and departments under the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Force D., and will therefore have no relations with the Commander-in-Chief of the Army in India, except through the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Force D. Officers sent to India will have the same (relations to the Commander-in-Chief in India as any other officers have who are serving at the Headquarters of the Army in India. As has been explained before, the Commander-in-Chief in India will, so far as the forces in Mesopotamia are concerned, act under instructions of the Army Council. The position and duties of the Commander-in-Chief, India, and of the Governor-General in Council in relation to the control of the Army in India are untouched by the arrangements made.