HC Deb 22 December 1916 vol 88 cc1830-1W

asked the Prime Minister whether he will consider the desirability of the formation of a small council, consisting principally of Irishmen not being prominent partisan politicians, to act in consultation with representatives of the Dominions for the purpose of submitting a scheme for the amendment of the Act for the better government of Ireland by which Home Rule shall be extended to the whole of Ireland with respect to domestic affairs while ensuring, as far as possible, the responsibility of Ireland in respect of Imperial affairs equivalent to that borne by the inhabitants of the other parts of the United Kingdom; will he consider the desirability of ensuring the complete identity of Customs and Excise taxation as levied by this House, thus embodying a principle, the outcome of political development in the Dominions and elsewhere, a principle also extended to postal services, especially valuable during war time; and will he consider the desirability of considering suggestions for moderating the fears of Ulster, e.g., by enabling the Ulster counties to have the option of withdrawal at the end of a stated period, and for an increased proportion in the representation of borough Members in the Irish House by a diminution in the number of county representatives?


The question of the hon. Member makes many important suggestions, but I think he will feel that they cannot be dealt with in answer to a question.

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