HC Deb 23 August 1916 vol 85 cc2690-1W

asked the Home Secretary whether the general permit to unregistered practitioners in dentistry to use solutions containing not more than 1 per cent, of cocaine for the purposes of their practice has been or is to be extended beyond 15th September; and, if so, what is the date of such extension?


The general permit will be extended to the 15th October.


asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, if his Department is recommending novocaine in lieu of anæsthetics containing a small percentage of cocaine; if so, is he aware that this is a German product controlled by German interests in this country, and that British manufacturers of local anæsthetics are suffering loss of trade; that, in one particular case, the owner of the business is serving at the front, and the effect of this Regulation will mean the ruin of his business; and will he take steps to inquire into the matter and grant permits to such manufacturers under proper supervision?


Novocaine is a local anæsthetic which is not less efficient than cocaine, and is not open to the same abuses as cocaine. It is true it is a German invention, but the German patent has been suspended, and it is now being manufactured in England by a British firm, and on behalf of the National Health Insurance Commission. Cocaine may still be used by the persons and under the conditions prescribed by the Regulations, and applications for permits from manufacturers will be considered.