HC Deb 21 October 1915 vol 74 c2011W

asked the Under-Secretary for War whether at the present time a commanding officer of a Territorial unit has, under Section 28 (1) of the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act, 1907, the power of dismissal as a punishment; whether any sanction or consent of any kind on the part of any other person or body is needed to render such dismissal effective and binding; and whether there is any power vested in any person or body (other than Parliament), and, if so, in whom, to alter, restrict, or repeal such power?


My hon. Friend is, I think, as well able to interpret the enactment he quotes as I am. I am not aware of any power to restrict the effect of the Section in question. The exercise, however, of these powers at the present time is not in the opinion of the Army Council desirable, and of this I think those more particularly concerned are fully aware.