HC Deb 14 October 1915 vol 74 cc1495-6W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War whether retired officers who return to active service receive their full pay for active service and their half-pay as retired officers in addition; if so, on what principle is it decided that these officers engaged on training work in this country receive half as much again as an officer of the same rank in active service with the Colours; and whether any similar rule applies to rank and file Reservists recalled to the Army?


An officer drawing half pay has not retired from the Army, but is not doing duty for a time. When he returns to duty he draws full pay, but not half pay in addition. Similarly the soldier who has not left the Army but has passed to the Reserve draws Reserve pay, but when recalled to the Colours draws full pay only. An officer who has left the Army on retired pay, and a soldier who has left the Army on pension, both draw pension in addition to full pay if they are recalled to the Army in a national emergency.