HC Deb 09 March 1915 vol 70 c1264W

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he will state the actual cost of the average quality of bread, butter, jam, cheese, bacon, meat, oatmeal, tea and sugar at the present time and the price ruling for the same articles on 1st March, 1914?


The average prices paid by the working classes for certain articles of food in March, 1914, and March, 1915, were as follows:—

The figures relate to the average of retail prices in eighty of the principal towns of the United Kingdom.
Article. 1st March, 1914. 1st March 1915.
Per 4 lbs. Per 4 lbs
Bread 5½d. 7¾d.
Butter— Per lb. Per lb.
Fresh 1s. 3¾d. 1s. 4½d.
Salt 1s. 3d. 1s. 3¾d.
*Jam 5d. 5¾d.
Cheese 8¾d. 10¼d.
†Bacon 11d. 1s.
Beef, English—
Ribs 9¾d. 11d.
Thin flank 6½d. 7¾d.
Beef, chilled or frozen—
Ribs 7½d. 8¾d.
Thin flank 5d. 6½d.
Mutton, English—
Leg 10¾d. 11¾d.
Breast 6¼d. 7½d.
Mutton, frozen—
Leg 6¾d. 8¼d
Breast 4¼d. 5½d.
Oatmeal, Scotch 2d., 2¼d. 2¾d.
Tea 1s. 6d. 1s. 9¼d.
Sugar, Granulated 2d. 3¼d.
* The figures stated are the means of the prices of three popular kinds of jam.
† The kind of bacon enumerated on the form of inquiry is "streaky," but in places in which such bacon has only a small sale, the price of the popular local variety is substituted.