HC Deb 29 June 1915 vol 72 cc1642-3W

asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office if he will have investigations made into the case of Mrs. Alice Chadwick, of 3, Guilford Street, Burnley, mother of Private J. L. Chadwick, No. 19875, 3rd East Lancashire Regiment; whether Private Chadwick made an allowance of 6d. a day from 26th March to his mother and a deduction of this amount was made from his pay from that date; whether Mrs. Chadwick has only received payment of the allotment and Government allowance from 24th April; and whether, if these facts are verified, he will have the balance paid to her?


The hon. Member has, I fear, been misinformed. Private Chadwick only made an allotment from 24th April, and his dependant has been paid from that date.


asked the Secretary to the Admiralty whether he will have inquiries made into the case of Mrs. Whittaker, of Burnley, whose son, Benjamin Whittaker, sailor, No. 5,323, is now serving on His Majesty's ship "Cleopatra"; whether before this lad joined the Navy he handed over to his mother 24s. a week; whether she is now receiving only 5s. 6d. a week from the Admiralty; and whether, if this is found to be so, he will have the case revised, with a view to increasing her allowance?


My hon. Friend is correctly informed that Mrs. Whittaker is in receipt of 5s. 6d. a week from the Admiralty, being an allotment of 3s. 6d. a week from her son's wages and a separation allowance of 2s. a week. The contribution that this man made to his mother before his entry into His Majesty's service covered the cost of his board, and the local old age pension authorities have reported that the benefit that Mrs. Whittaker used to derive from his payment was 12s. 6d. a week. The Navy separation allowance to be granted to a dependant of an active service rating can in no circumstances, however, exceed half the amount of the man's current allotment. Consequently, Mrs. Whittaker is in receipt of an allowance of 2s. a week, being one-half of 3s. 6d. calculated to the sixpence above. If the man were to increase his allotment, it would be possible to increase the separation allowance as from the date on which the increase in allotment took effect. I may inform the hon. Member that the statutory Committee contemplated under the recommendations of the Select Committee on Naval and Military Services (Pensions and Grants) would have power to supplement allowances—in special cases, for instance, in which, although the man is doing his utmost for his dependants, the allowance which can be issued under the general regulations is judged to be inadequate.

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