HC Deb 20 December 1915 vol 77 cc51-2W

asked the Minister of Munitions if in the case of Chingford and Epping the local authorities were consulted before applying the last restrictions with regard to intoxicating drink sales imposed by the Liquor Control Board?


Only a part of the Epping Petty Sessional Division is included in the London area, namely, that part of it which lies within the Metropolitan Police District. This part of the division includes Chingford. The Metropolitan Police were consulted before the Order was made, and, in addition, the Epping licensing justices were invited to the conference, held by the Control Board on the 1st October, and a representative of their Bench attended the conference.


asked the Minister of Munitions if he is aware that public meetings have been held in all parts of London protesting against the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) new Regulations; if he is aware that a manifesto has been issued backed up by about fifty trade union branches and jailing for a modification of the Orders; if he is aware that a statement has been published and signed by about 200 employers of labour representing the printing, chemical, textile, building, and engineering trades in Lancashire in which many of them have stated that if further restrictions were imposed they might lead to discontent on the part of the workers, whilst others have stated that any further restrictions would be an interference with the liberty of the subject; if he is aware that one of the largest engineering firms have stated that they are of opinion that further restrictions would not be of any advantage to them; and if he intends taking any action in the matter?


I am quite aware that there have been a certain number of protests against the Orders of the Central Control Board, but the suggestion apparently intended to be conveyed by my hon. Friend's question that there is widespread or considerable discontent in regard to these Orders is not in accordance with the information in my possession, which indicates that the Orders are working smoothly and are producing excellent results.