HC Deb 22 May 1914 vol 62 c2218W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury how the Government subventions of £7,785,400 were allocated in 1913–14 to the different counties and county boroughs; whether any part of these sums was allocated under existing Statutes to any special service; and, if so, what are the details of such special statutory allocations?


A statement showing in detail how the Estate Duty-Grant, the Local Taxation Licences, and so much of the Local Taxation (Customs and Excise) Duties as is applicable in aid of police pensions (all of which are included in the sum of £7,785,000) are allocated in a normal year to the several counties and county boroughs will be found on pages 232–242 of Part III. of the Annual Report of the Local Government Board for the year 1912–13. The balance of the £7,785,000 is derived from the Annual Grant under the Agricultural Rates Act, 1896, which is referred to in some detail on page 139 of the same part of that Report. The last-mentioned Grant is in aid of the expenditure of the authorities to which it is paid. The sums obtained by local authorities (other than the Metropolitan Police) in respect of the Estate Duty Grant and the Local Taxation Licences are passed through the Exchequer contribution accounts of the councils of counties and county boroughs. The sums paid out of these accounts in respect of specified services are shown in the Annual Local Taxation Returns, 1911–12, as follows:—

Councils. Part of Local Taxation Return. Pages.
County Councils other than the London County Council II. 1–5
London County Council IV. 1
Councils of County Boroughs V. 1–6

The sums received and expended by the Metropolitan Police are shown on pages 28 to 30 of Part IV. of the same Returns.