HC Deb 18 May 1914 vol 62 cc1619-20W

asked the President of the Board of Trade what were the exports of cotton piece goods in million yards from the United Kingdom in 1893, 1903, and 1913 to the following regions: Europe, except Turkey; Turkey, Egypt, and Africa; America, except the United States; the United States; British East Indies, China, Java, etc., and other countries, stating the percentage of total exports in each case; and what were the total imports of cotton piece goods in million yards from all sources to the United Kingdom in the same years?


The following statements give the information desired by the hon. Member:—I. Exports of Cotton Piece Goods (United Kingdom Manufacture) in the years specified.

(a) in 1893.
Region to which Exported. Quantity Exported. Proportion to Total Exports.
Million Yards. Per Cent.
Europe (except Turkey) 370.60 8.0
Turkey, Egypt & Africa 665.9 14.3
America (except United 817.8 17.6
United States 64.3 1.4
British East Indies 1981.4 42.6
China, Java, Japan, etc. 629.6 13.5
Other Countries 122.6 2.6
Total 4652.6 100.0
(b) in 1903.
Europe (except Turkey) 358.5 7.0
Turkey, Egypt & Africa 851.5 16.5
America (except United 826.5 16.0
United States 72.4 1.4
British East Indies 2127.6 41.3
China, Java, Japan, etc. 736.1 14.3
Other Countries 184.7 3.5
Total 5157.3 100.0

A corresponding statement for 1913 was printed in the Votes on 26th March last in response to a question put by the hon. Member. The total imports of cotton piece goods into the United Kingdom from all sources in the three years were as follows:

Million Yards.
In 1893 38.0
In 1903 42.9
In 1913 125.7