HC Deb 04 May 1914 vol 62 c44W

asked the hon. Member for St. George's-in-the-East, as representing the Insurance Commissioners, whether insurance committees have power to provide, and do in fact, when required, provide, to persons in receipt of domiciliary treatment for tuberculosis, the following among other articles of food, namely, milk, butter, eggs, bread, fish, and meat; and if this has been done in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales?


All insurance committees are empowered to provide, and do in fact provide, for persons in receipt of sanatorium benefit in the form of domiciliary treatment such accessories as form part of the treatment and are prescribed as such on medical grounds, and milk, butter, eggs, fish and meat have in particular instances been thus given; but insurance committees are not empowered to provide maintenance by way of general relief.