HC Deb 31 July 1914 vol 65 cc1700-1W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether he is aware that the tenants on the Cary-Caddell estate, in the county Roscommon, agreed to purchase their holdings in November, 1911, the landlord giving up the turbary, and that in March, 1912, the landlord's surveyor came on the, bogs and divided one-third of the turbary, giving three times as much to some tenants as others, and that this was contrary to the spirit of the purchase agreements, which gave the turbary absolutely to be vested in trustees for the benefit of the tenants, and who were bound by a turbary agreement to give each tenant an equal share in value; and what steps the Estates Commissioners are taking to see that this agreement is acted up to?


The estate referred to is the subject of proceedings by the owner direct to the tenants under the Irish Land Acts, and purchase agreements at prices agreed upon between the parties were lodged with the Estates Commissioners in October, 1911. The vendor was in occupation of a considerable area of bog on this estate, and the Commissioners understand that one of the terms of sale is that this bog should be handed over to trustees for the benefit of the tenants. The tenants' solicitor alleges that this bog has been encroached upon by some of the adjoining tenants, and has taken exception to the reduction in the area proposed to be vested in trustees. The Commissioners have informed the vendor's solicitors that unless the turbary dispute is settled they will have to consider the advisability of dismissing the proceedings.

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