HC Deb 05 August 1914 vol 65 cc1970-1W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland if he will grant a Return, by counties, of which notice appears on the Order Paper, of all lands acquired for the purposes of the Evicted Tenants (Ireland) Act, 1907, under the powers conferred by that Act and extended by Section 67 of the Irish Land Act, 1909; and if he will explain why all bonâ fide evicted tenants and representatives of such have not yet been provided for under those statutory powers?


The Estates Commissioners' Annual Report to 31st March last, which, it is expected, will be presented to Parliament at an early date, will give particulars as to the restoration of evicted tenants, including the total area of land acquired under the Evicted Tenants Act. Under the compulsory provisions of the Evicted Tenants Act, the Commissioners had acquired up to 31st March last 26,248 acres, which has all been allotted with the exception of 294 acres. These compulsory powers having expired the Commissioners cannot acquire any further land under the Act. On the 31st July last 1,808 evicted tenants (or their representatives) had been reinstated in their former holdings or provided with other holdings by landlords with the assistance, where necessary, of grants by the Commissioners and 1,579 were reinstated or provided with other holdings by the Commissioners on lands purchased by them, making a total of 3,387 evicted tenants reinstated or provided with other holdings on that date. In the case of 538 of the 1,808 reinstated by landlords the restoration was the direct result of the intervention of the Commissioners and at prices suggested and sanctioned by them. In connection with reinstatement of evicted tenants, the Commissioners have authorised, for the improvement of holdings, erection of buildings, purchase of livestock, etc., an expenditure of over £350,000. The number of evicted tenants provisionally noted by the Commissioners for consideration in the distribution of untenanted land is now only 256, and they will be dealt with as opportunity arises.