HC Deb 30 April 1914 vol 61 cc1877-9W

asked the Postmaster-General if he will state separately the

Class or Subject. Immediate Additional Annual Cost.
Change in Hours of Duty Other Changes.
£ £
Substitution on higher duties 5,500
Long lockers and accommodation for bicycles 5,000
Travelling post office, lavatory accommodation 150
Boy sorter service to count for pension 350
Increased rates for overtime beyond certain limits 51,500
Classification of offices, London outdoor force 110
Postmen (on basis of present classification of offices—
London 18,970
Provinces 86,350
Auxiliary and temporary postmen 41,500
Assistant postmen 4,000
Unestablished postmen 1,920
Telegraphists, male 480
Counter clerks and telegraphists, male 2,120
Sorting clerks and telegraphists, male 25,000 30,100
Sorting clerks and telegraphists, female 11,600
Boy messengers and girl probationers to carry their pay on becoming learners 400
Ex-military telegraphists 330
Counter losses 550
Cable-room allowances 170
Allowance after passing examination for promotion 450
Special events 100
Unestablished telegraphists, sorting clerks and telegraphists, telephonists and porters 250
Wireless operators and overseers 500
Sorters 20,820
Assistants and returners, returned letter section (London Postal Service) 130
Tracing staff 650
Porters, London 6,220
Bagmen 490
Head porters, London 480
Tube attendants and night collectors (Central Telegraph Office) 330
Liftmen, London 430
Adult messengers, London 180
Assistant head postmen and head postmen, London 560
Supervision of messengers, London Postal Service 1,700
Supervision of messengers, Central Telegraph Office 150
Supervising staff, male, postal, London Postal Service 550
Supervising staff, male, Central Telegraph Office 540
Outdoor supervising staff, Provinces 2,830 5,430
Indoor supervising staff, Provinces male 10,090 4,530
Indoor supervising staff, Provinces female 280
Telephone learners 2,040
Telephonists, probationary service to count towards privileges 4,860
Telephonists, London Telephone Service 6,950
Telephonists, Provinces 11,390 4,700
Telephone supervising force, provinces 670
Male night operators and call office attendants 3,670
Caretaker-operators 6,600

total amounts allocated, respectively, to each class of employés in the postal, telegraph, and telephone services included in and constituting the aggregate of £640,000?

Captain NORTON

The particulars are as follows:—

Class or Subject. Immediate Additional Annual Cost.
Change in Hour's of Duty. Other Changes.
£ £
Registry assistants, 1st class 260
Women sorters and overseers of women sorters 1,200
Engineering classes 52,620 25,590
Engineering classes Travelling time 12,000
Engineering classes Lodging and subsistence allowances 11,000
Engineering classes Week-end fares 2,000
Electric light staff 1,680
Submarine cable staff 70
Store porters and 3rd class storomen 1,160
Charwomen, London 4,120
Scale payment sub-postmasters—
Conversion of offices to salaried sub-offices or to branch offices 5,900
Receipt of telephone accounts 900
National Insurance work 27,800
Telegraph work 32,500
Savings Bank coupons 270
Increase of unit values 13,800
Dating back of triennial revisions 28,000
Relief from bond 400
Salaried sub-postmasters 1,620
Postmasters 730
Postmasters Day subsistence allowances 500
Margin for minor concessions for which it is not practicable to frame detailed estimates of cost 10,000
Smaller classes 25,000
Total 115,030 528,750

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