HC Deb 01 November 1913 vol 43 c720W

asked the Chancellor of the. Exchequer (1) if he is aware that the Insurance Commissioners are issuing instructions that contribution books shall not be entered until after the Contribution Register has been completed; and, seeing that it is impossible for any but small societies to comply with those instructions and return the insurance books within twenty-one days, although there is a notice on each insurance book to that effect, he proposes to take any action in the matter; (2) if he is aware that many large societies are arranging for the insurance books to be entered and returned to the insured persons on the receipt of the first quarter's cards; and, if so, whether he will inform these societies that they are not complying with the instructions of the Commissioners in this respect?


The Insurance Commissioners have issued a general memorandum to societies informing them that the insurance book should be written up from the Contribution Register, this, being desirable in order that the two may agree. As, however, certain societies found it more convenient to have the insurance books written up locally from the contribution card on its surrender, the Commission issued supplementary instructions, dated 19th October (of which I am sending a copy to the hon. Member), in which this procedure is recognised in such cases while at the same time precautions are taken to ensure a due agreement between the two.