HC Deb 08 May 1913 vol 52 cc2245-6W

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he is aware that dissatisfaction exists among the staff of Holloway prison consequent on the manner in which the sum of £300, granted by the Home Office for extra work entailed upon the staff by the forcible feeding of Women Suffrage prisoners and other causes during the last two years, has been distributed; whether certain officers who had never assisted in the forcible feeding of suffragist prisoners received £5 each, officers who had assisted two, three, and four times received £2, £3, and £4, respectively, while another who was present many times was allowed nothing; whether officers who were excused from assisting at the forcible feeding process, and whose special duty was to sit in the exercise yard for five hours, daily, received awards, while others who did much extra work and had great strain imposed upon them obtained no recompense; whether a clerk appointed to the prison after the rush of work was rewarded, whereas officers who in certain cases were on duty twenty-nine hours continuously were not; whether resignations have taken place in consequence of the discontent caused by this treatment, and, if so, whether he will say how many have been sent in since the distribution of the Grant; and whether he will cause inquiry to be made into the matter with a view to removing any just cause of discontent which may be found to exist?


I think the hon. Member has been misled in this matter. I have no reason to think there is any dissatisfaction, and certainly the inequalities in distribution suggested in the hon. Member's question do not exist. There has been no resignation.