HC Deb 01 May 1913 vol 52 c1390W

asked the Chief Secretary what was the total amount standing to the credit of the Constabulary Force Fund for each of the ten years from 1st April, 1865, to 31st March, 1870, and from 1st April, 1878, to 31st March, 1883, also the receipts and expenditure for each of these years under the several heads of receipts in respect of deductions from pay and pensions of officers and men, fines and penalties from various courts, fines (disciplinary), interest on capital, and from other sources, respectively; and expenditure in respect of gratuities to widows and orphans of officers and men, gratuities to officers and men not entitled to pensions, grants to head constables promoted to sub-inspector, grants for good duty and favourable records, grants for freedom from unfavourable records, grants to cover expenses on retirement, grants for burial expenses, and other charges, respectively; whether the officers of the Royal Irish Constabulary at any time contributed to a separate fund of their own, entitled the Officers' Widows' Fund; and, if so, under what circumstances it was closed and amalgamated with the Force fund?


It would be a matter of considerable time and trouble to collect the information asked for in the question, and it is doubtful whether some of it is procurable. As I have already stated an actuarial inquiry is now in progress which will enable a full statement to be made with regard to the position of the fund. I would ask the hon. Member to await the completion of this inquiry.