HC Deb 27 March 1913 vol 50 cc1849-51W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland what is the total strength of the Royal Irish Constabulary at present in Ireland; what proportion of the total number comes under the definitition of free quota; on what basis is that free quota allocated; and what is the present allocation to the several districts in Ireland of the free quota and constabulary, if any, other than those coming under the head of free quota, respectively?


The total strength of the Royal Irish Constabulary (sergeants, acting sergeants, and constables) on 28th February, 1913, the latest date for which information is available, was 10,175. Of this number 8,911 belong to the free quota of 9,303 assigned by Order in Council of 26th May, 1909. It has not been found necessary to maintain the free force at its maximum in several counties owing to their peaceful condition. The free quota is allocated by the Lord Lieutenant in Council under the powers conferred by the Constabulary (Ireland) Redistribution Act, 1885. The Inspector-General, in submitting schemes for the distribution of the force to his Excellency, has regard to the area, population, and requirements of each district. The following table shows the present distribution of the force:—

Counties, etc. Free force as per Order in Council of 26th May, 1909. Extra force serving on 28th February, 1913.
Under Local Acts. Under 6 & 7 Wm. IV., c 13, sec. 13 (Proclamation).
Antrim 260
Armagh 200
Carlow 89
Cavan 182
Clare 429 56
Cork, E.R. 488
Cork, W.R. 268
Donegal 375
Down 273
Dublin 177
Fermanagh 140
Galway, E.R. 375 117
Galway, W.R. 366 78
Kerry 389
Kildare 153
Kilkenny 243
King's 178
Leitrim 174
Limerick 327
Londonderry 132
Longford 120
Louth 136
Mayo 436
Meath 191
Monaghan 133
Queen's 141
Roscommon 279 15
Sligo 230
Tipperary, N.R 213
Tipperary, S.R 256
Tyrone 239
Waterford 187
Westmeath 230
Wexford 207
Wicklow 164
Belfast 500 733
Cork 175
Limerick 85
Londonderry 90 14
Waterford 73
9,303 747 266
Vacancies 392
Total 8,911 747 266
Reserve 251
Grand Total 10,175


asked the Chief Secretary why the annual statement of the amount of the constabulary force employed in each county and county of a city in Ireland, required by 6 Will. 4, c. 13, s. 57, is not submitted to Parliament?


Section 57 of the Statute quoted has become obsolete owing to later legislation.