HC Deb 27 March 1913 vol 50 cc1857-8W

asked the Postmaster-General whether the placing of a postage stamp on a newspaper, half on the wrapper and half on the newspaper, is an infraction of the rule against sealing; and, if so, will he have the rule altered to prevent so trivial an infraction causing a claim for extra postage?


Newspapers are allowed to be transmitted by post at an exceptionally low rate of postage under certain conditions, and in order to ensure that those conditions are complied with it is necessary to require that every newspaper or packet of newspapers shall be posted either without a cover or in a cover open at both ends, which can easily be removed for the purpose of examination. If a newspaper is fastened to the wrapper by means of the postage stamp, thus rendering it impossible to withdraw the newspaper without tearing the postage stamp or the wrapper, the regulation is contravened, and the packet is liable to postage according to weight. I see no sufficient reason for relaxing the regulation; the practice to which the hon. Member refers is obviously not one which should be encouraged.