HC Deb 19 March 1913 vol 50 cc1052-3W

asked the Chief Secretary how many constabulary sergeants and constables have been transferred from stations in county Down to other stations in the same or other counties during the last twelve months, and the number of times each sergeant or constable was so transferred in that time; whether one married constable with a delicate wife and family has been subjected to five transfers since 11th October last; and, having regard to the trouble, expense, and hardship inflicted, especially upon men with families, by frequently breaking up their homes, if he will say who is responsible for those frequent transfers and what justification is alleged for them?


The Inspector-General informs me that in county Down during the year ended 1st March last twenty-one sergeants and acting-sergeants and fifty-three constables were transferred once, one sergeant and seventeen constables twice, and one acting-sergeant and one constable three times. In the case of one constable who was transferred for disciplinary reasons it was found necessary to transfer him subsequently four times before suitable house accommodation could be obtained for his wife and family. Two of these transfers could have been avoided if the constable had not neglected to secure a suitable house which was vacant at the time. The Inspector-General considers that the various transfers made by the county inspector were necessary and in the interests of the public service.