HC Deb 19 March 1913 vol 50 c1055W

asked the Chief Secretary what steps the Congested Districts Board have taken in the matter of the purchase of the estate of William Wilson, situated at Knockletragh, county Donegal; and whether, having regard to the fact that many of the tenants are being sued for arrears at the coming Sessions, he will endeavour to expedite a settlement of this estate?


The Congested Districts Board have been in communication with the owner regarding this property, and they understand that he is willing to negotiate for a sale through them, and that the maps and documents necessary for a preliminary inspection to be made are being prepared for lodgment. On receipt of the information required the estate will be inspected, and a decision arrived at regarding purchase as soon as practicable.


asked whether the untenanted lands of Moyvane on the Fitzgerald estate, in North Kerry, have been acquired by the Estates Commissioners for distribution; is the electoral division of Leitrim in the immediate neighbourhood scheduled as a congested area; and, seeing that the uneconomic holders there cannot have their needs otherwise provided for them by the distribution of the untenanted lands in question amongst them, will the Estates Commissioners issue orders accordingly?


The Estates Commissioners have arranged to purchase some 370 acres of untenanted land on this property, including some eighty-six acres of the lands of Moyvane South, and they hope to be in a position to take over possession of the lands and distribute them towards the end of the present year. The entire county of Kerry is, under the Act of 1909, a congested districts county. The wants and circumstances of the occupiers of small holdings in the neighbourhood will be considered in the allotment of the lands.