HC Deb 12 March 1913 vol 50 cc249-50W

asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware that the farm and houses thereon of Richard Meyler, Rathmore, Naas, county Kildare, was sold by the Land Commissioners on the 18th ultimo for unpaid annuities; is he aware that the farm had been for years up to the date of sale in the possession of a mortgagee who paid the annuity as the same fell due until one year and a half ago, when he ceased to pay; is he aware that the Misses Meyler had the right of residence in the dwelling-house on the farm under their father's will; will he say why the Land Commissioners allowed the mortgagee in possession to run into arrears; will he explain, having regard to this negligence on their part, why they are allowed to benefit; and, if the sale aforesaid extinguished the rights of the Misses Meyler, will the Commissioners restore such rights as they existed before the sale?


The Land Commission inform me that Richard Meyler obtained an advance of £1,400 on the 28th November, 1888, to purchase his holding on the lands of Rathmore West, county Kildare, under the Land Purchase Acts. In 1908 the ownership of the holding became vested in the assignees in bankruptcy, who were duly registered as owners of the lands in accordance with the Local Registration of Title (Ireland) Act, 1891. As the half-yearly instalment, due the 1st November, 1911, was allowed to go into arrear, and the Land Commissioners failed to recover the amount due, they had no alternative but to sell the holding for the purpose of realising the debt. The annuity has now been paid to date, and the ownership of the holding registered in the name of the new purchaser. The Commissioners were not concerned in any arrangement which may have existed between the parties interested with reference to the right of residence of any members of the Meyler family on the holding, and the Commissioners are not able to recognise them in any way. If Misses Meyler have any legal claim against the purchase money which was realised on the sale of the holding by the Commissioners, they can make such application as they may be advised on the distribution of the fund.