HC Deb 17 June 1913 vol 54 cc209-11W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether he is aware that the National Health Commis- sion (Ireland), after having permitted Mr. F. W. Doheny, solicitor, to act as temporary clerk of the Kilkenny Insurance Committee for two periods of about six and eight weeks, respectively, after the remuneration of £6 per month fixed by the committee had been minuted to them, have refused to sanction more than £5 per month, and, by communication dated 9th June, in reply to a further express request for sanction thereto from the committee, have stated that circumstances prevent their sanctioning more; whether he is aware that Mr. Doheny's work at the committee has been looked on by the committee as most arduous, responsible, and underpaid even at £6; whether the Commission had previously disallowed a sum of £15 unanimously voted as supplemental to the sum of £30 for the first six months' remuneration, which had been fixed provisionally before the nature and amount of the work was known; and whether, in view of the impression in the Kilkenny district that the Commission had sweated Mr. Doheny's admittedly efficient service up to the time Mr. Doheny withdrew from the position and the injustice of permitting an officer to work at a specified rate for substantial periods without intimating dissent, especially after he had taken pains to make clear that such was the minimum remuneration for which he would continue the duties, he will take steps to see that Mr. Doheny's claim is sanctioned forthwith?


I am informed that the appointment in question was for six months, and that a sum of £30 was agreed upon as the payment in respect of the whole period. The rate of payment was therefore £5, and not £6, a month. The Irish insurance Commissioners are of opinion, after repeated consideration, that this rate was adequate in return for the duties performed by the clerk, and I am afraid I cannot interfere in the matter.