HC Deb 17 June 1913 vol 54 c209W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury how many divisional inspectors have been appointed by the National Health Insurance Commissioners (England) within the last six months; what are their names and what were their ages at the time of their appointment; what was the position held by each prior to his appointment and what the salary attached to it; what was his length of service as an established Civil servant; and what are the salaries paid to such inspectors?


The following table gives the particulars asked for by my hon. Friend. The salary for divisional inspectors is £550–20–700 a year:—

Name. Age on Appointment. Position prior to Appointment. Salary attached to Position prior to Appointment. Length of Established Service.
P. R. T. Ashton 39 Inspector, N. H. I. Commission £350–15–500 20 years.
E. G. Beam (Assistant to Chief Inspector) 25 Working on the staff of the N. H. I. Commission on a temporary footing, on loan from the Customs and Excise Department £200–20–500 and £100 allowance 2½ years.
F. N. Curtis Bennett 31 Inspector, N. H. I. Com-mission £350–15–500 10 months (3 years unestablished service).
S. A. Guest 34 Barrister, temporarily employed by N. H. I. Commission for local investigations in different parts of the country and in the office £6 6s. a week None.
W. T. Ivimey 34 Inspector, N. H. T. Commission £350–15–500 10 years.
A. Macfarlane 38 Do. Do. 7 months.
F. J. Matheson 45 Do. Do. 7 months.
J. J. Moynihan 39 Do. Do. 18 years.
W. F. Shinn 41 Do. Do. 25 years.