HC Deb 04 June 1913 vol 53 cc899-900W

asked the Secretary of State for War what additions have been made during the last two years to the peace strengths of the armies of Russia, Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, Belgium, and Holland; what will be the total peace strength of officers, non-commissioned officers, and men of these armies when the laws regarding the increases have taken full effect; what are the official reasons given by the War Ministers of the countries named for the increase in the armies; and do any of these War Ministers pro- pose to raise the men considered necessary by voluntary methods of enlistment?

Colonel SEELY

On the assumption that the proposed increases are all approved, the information is approximately as follows:—

Additions made 75,000
Present peace establishment 1,284,000
(Future not yet ascertained.)
Additions made 58,505
Present peace establishment 473,643
(Future not yet ascertained.)
Additions proposed 183,715
Future peace establishment 741,572
Additions made 38,372
Additions proposed 136,000
Future peace establishment 821,964
Additions proposed 30,000
Future peace establishment 72,700
Additions made 5,000
peace establishment 38,549

It is not proposed to raise any additional troops by voluntary enlistment except in Belgium, where 2,000 will be so raised. It would not be possible within the limits of an answer to a question to state the various official reasons given by the War Ministers of the countries mentioned for these increases.