HC Deb 30 July 1913 vol 56 c538W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether the Registrar of Friendly Societies has yet received from the National United Insurance Society the statutory return for 1912; if so, will he state the number of persons insured with that society, the gross receipts, the gross expenditure, the gross liability, and the sums secured to meet the liability; whether the same person acts as treasurer and secretary; and whether he has complied with all the requirement for both positions?


The return referred to has been received by the Registrar. It does not show the number of persons insured with the society, nor, on the other hand, does it show any receipts from premiums for insurance. The' total cash receipts during the year 1912 were £396 13s. 2d., and the total cash expenditure £428 15s. ld. The liabilities are stated in the balance sheet as £2,657 12s. 4d., under the following heads: Due to shareholders, £2,194 12s. 6d.; loans, £210 17s. ld.; amount owing for management expenses, £252 2s. 9d. The investments and other assets are stated as £1,992 16s. 6d. on loans or deposits, £2 7s. 6d. cash in the Clydesdale Bank, and 17s. 4d. cash in hand, a total of £1,996 is. 4d. The rules do not provide for a treasurer. The return is signed by D. O'Callaghan as managing director and secretary. The portion of the return requiring the name and address of every officer in receipt or charge of money and the amount and form of security given by him has not been filled up, and a requisition is being addressed to the society on the matter in the ordinary course.