HC Deb 23 July 1913 vol 55 cc2048-9W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether the actuary now investigating the condition of the Irish Constabulary Force Fund has been instructed to report on the gain of 70s. per cent, to officers and loss of 10s. per cent. to men arising from the facts that the average term of service of officers is forty years, while that of men is thirty years, and that during the ten years difference in term the officers have a monetary advantage, and after their death, in consequence of that difference, their families have a corresponding advantage at- the expense of the men; and whether, for the information of subscribers to the fund, he will obtain from the actuary now, before his final report, a complete statement of the maximum and minimum amounts of gratuities paid out of the fund to the families of officers and of men, with the numbers of them, respectively, in each year from 1st April, 1891, to 31st March, 1913, showing the amount subscribed by the officers and the percentage of gain, the amount subscribed by the men and the percentage of loss, and the number of cases in which the grants were less than the amount subscribed?


The constabulary authorities are still busy procuring the information required for the actuarial investigation of the position of the fund, and until such information is complete and has been analysed and reported upon by the actuary, I am not prepared to reply to any of the various points raised in the question. I may, however, add that the attention of the actuary has been drawn to the various matters raised by the hon. Member.


also asked the total amount of grants, under whatever name, made out of the Irish Constabulary Force Fund to officers and to men, respectively, in each county in Ireland in each year since 1878?


This information is not available and could only be obtained by a reference to the papers in connection with every reward granted since 1878.