HC Deb 09 July 1913 vol 55 cc424-5W

asked the President of the Board of Agriculture the number of animals dealt with during the period ended 24th June by the local authorities of England, under the Tuberculosis Order, 1913, showing by whom notified, age and sex of animals, market or other valuation, total compensation paid and proportion of the same borne by the local authority, charges paid in respect of inspection, valuation and slaughter, respectively; and if these returns, in so far as they relate to the number of animals slaughtered, will in future be included in the weekly statistics published in the "London Gazette," dealing with contagious diseases?


I regret that I have not been able to obtain quite all the particulars asked for by the hon. Member. The following is a summary of the information which the local authorities have been able to supply in answer to the Board's inquiries:—

Number of animals notified to local authorities in England, under the Tuberculosis Order, 1913, from the 1st May to the 24th June, 1913:—

(a) Notified by owners 1,210
(b) Notified by veterinary surgeons 349
(c) Notified from other sources 188
Total 1,747

Note.—Approximately 95 per cent. of the animals notified were females.

Number of animals slaughtered by local authorities, for which compensation has been paid, or is due, 965.

Total of valuations:—
(a) On the basis of the animals being affected £4,815 4 6
(b) On the basis of the animals not being affected £8,725 7 2

Note.—In several instances only one valuation has been made, usually on the basis of the animals not being affected.

Total of compensation paid or due to owners £2,215 4 8
Net cost of compensation after deduction of salvage £1,306 16 4

Expenses incurred by local authorities:—
(a) For inspection and postmortem examination £2,222 14 7

Note.—In most cases these charges have not yet been fixed, and in many instances the work has been done by whole-time inspectors employed at an inclusive salary.

(b) For valuation £346 14 1
(c) For slaughter 149 2 2

Note.—Carcases have in many cases been given to the slaughterer in payment for services.

Statistics of the number of animals slaughtered under the provisions of the Order are printed monthly in the "Gazette."

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