HC Deb 27 January 1913 vol 47 cc1006-7W

asked the President of the Board of Education whether he can state for 1901–11 the number of men and women, respectively, engaged in the public educational system of the United Kingdom, namely, elementary schools (including pupil teachers), secondary schools, technical institutes, schools of art, I colleges, and university councils?


The figures in the attached Return relate to England and Wales only, and to the year 1910–11. They show the number of teachers only; the Board do not possess records as to the number of persons otherwise employed in connection with education. The figures are confined to institutions in receipt of Grants from the Board of Education. Part-time teachers are counted once for each institution in which they serve; the number of individual teachers is, therefore, less than shown in the table—

Number of Teachers, 1910–11.
Men. Women. Total.
1. Public Elementary Schools (excluding certified efficient schools, etc. Note 1 43,130 129,172 172,302
2. Secondary Schools, Pupil Teachers Centres and Preparatory Classes. Note 2:—
(a) Secondary schools on the Grant list:—
(i) Full-time teachers 5,120 4,894 10,014
(ii) Part-time teachers 1,406 1,300 2,706
(b) Pupil teacher centres and preparatory classes not forming integral parts of secondary schools on the Grant list:—
(i) Full-time teachers 121 209 330
(ii) Part-time teachers 80 54 134
3. Technical, Art, and Evening and similar Schools. Note 3:—
(a) Technical institution courses and day technical classes 1,395 417 1,812
(b) Schools of art and art classes (including Royal College of Art) 1,291 429 1,720
(c) Evening and similar schools 26,078 11,229 37,307
4. Training Colleges for Elementary School Teachers. Note 4:—
(a) Training departments of universities and university colleges:—
(i) Full-time teachers 56 55 111
(ii) Part-time teachers 272 52 324
(b) Other training colleges:—
(i) Full-time teachers 201 425 626
(ii) Part-time teachers 177 98 275
(c) Total 706 630 1,330
5. Universities, Constituent Colleges of Universities, and University Colleges (including Medical Schools, but excluding University Training Departments for Elementary School Teachers). Note 5:—
Number of professors, lecturers and demonstrators:—
(i) Full time * * 1,108
(ii) Part time * * 1,194
* Most of the professors, lecturers, etc, are men, but some are women; exact figures as to the number of men and women cannot, however, be given.

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