HC Deb 27 January 1913 vol 47 cc1007-9W

  1. 1. The figures given under "Elementary schools" relate only to public elementary schools (including higher elementary schools) and special schools; they do not include "certified efficient" schools, Poor Law schools, industrial and reformatory schools, Army and Navy schools, etc. The figures include pupil-teachers and student-teachers, but there are other part-time teachers in elementary schools who are not included (the number is not known for 1910–11).
  2. 1009
  3. 2. The secondary schools, whether inspected by the Board or not, not in receipt of Grant are excluded.
  4. 3. Many of the teachers included in respect of technical, art and evening and similar schools are part-time only.
  5. 4. The number of teachers in training colleges for secondary school teachers and in training schools of domestic subjects cannot be given, but some of them are included under head 5.
  6. 5. The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (except in so far as their elementary training departments are concerned) are not included in the figures given under this head.