HC Deb 27 January 1913 vol 47 cc999-1001W

asked the Chief Secretary who the present supervisor is of the Castleisland Parish Committee, and the date of his appointment; on what date the accounts of the Castleisland Parish Committee for 1911–12 were closed; and the names and addresses of the committee of the Catleisland Parish Committee for the year 1911–12 and for the year 1912–13?


The present supervisor of the Castleisland Parish Committee is Mr. Richard J. Walsh, lie was appointed by the committee on 28th June, 1911, and his appointment was sanctioned by the Congested Districts Board. The accounts of the committee for the year 1911–12 were closed on 4th June, 1912. The names of the committee for 1911–12 as furnished by the committee are as follows:—

Ex-officio Members.—Rev. M. Keane, C.C. (Chairman); Rev. Mr. Rowan (Rector, Vice-Chairman); Dr. Rice; Right Rev. Monsignor O'Leary. P.P., V.F.; Dr. Daly; Rev. P. Buckley, C.C.; Dr. Prenderville; Dr. Murphy; S. Prenderville, J.P.; M. Nolan, J.P.,; B. G. O'Connor, R.D.C.; C. M. Brosnan, R.D.C.; J. Horan, R.D.C.; J. O'Connor, R.D.C; W. H. O'Connor, R.D.C; B. O'Connor, R.D.C; J. Nolan, R.D.C.; C Crowley, R.D.C.; E. Browne, R.D.C.; P. J. Kearney, V.C, R.D.C.; B. Scollard, R.D.C.; M. J. Brosnan, R.D.C.; P. Carmody, R.D.C.; J. M. Hickey, R.D.C.; D. Sweeney, R.D.C

Elected Members.—Messrs. C Kerin, farmer; C J. Brosnan, farmer; M. Wolfe, farmer; D. Crowley, farmer; T. Curtin, farmer; T. T. O'Connor, farmer.

The Committee for 1912–13 is as follows: Ex-officio Members.—Rev. Monsignor O'Leary, P.P., Presbytery, Castleisland; Rev. Father Keane, C.C., Presbytery, Castleisland; Rev. Father Harrington, Presbytery. Castleisland; Rev, Mr. Rowan, Rectory, Castleisland; Brian O'Connor, J.P., C., R.D.C., Castleisland; Simon Prenderville, J.P., Castleisland; Martin Nolan, J.P., Droumtrasna, Castleisland; Dr. Daly, Castleisland; Dr. Rice, Castleisland; Dr. Prenderville, Castleisland; Pierce Gun Mahony, Kilmurry, Castleisland; P. J. Kearney, R.D.C., Cordal, Castleisland; Jer. Burke, R.D.C., Cordal, Castleisland; David P. Herlihy, R.D.C., Knockayeala, Kingwilliamstown; Edmond Browne, R.D.C., Mullin, Scartaglen, Castleisland; Martin J. Brosnan, R.D.C., Leamydoody, Cordal, Castleisland; John M. O'Connor, Portduff, Castleisland; James E. Horan, R.D.C., Laccabawn, Castleisland; James P. Nolan, R.D.C, Knockrour, Scartaglen, Castleisland; Cornelius Crowley, R.D.C., Knockayeala, Kingwilliamstown; Patrick Carmody, R.D.C., Coom, Cordal, Castleisland; Bryan O'Connor, R.D.C., Gortglass, Scartaglen, Castleisland; William H. Connor, R.D.C., Dromultan, Scartaglen, Castleisland: Cornelius Brosnan, R.D.C., Castleisland; Denis McSweeney, R.D.C., Carker, Scartaglen, Castleisland; James Hickey, R,D.C., Crenny, Castleisland.

Elected Members.—Timothy T. O'Connor, Cordal, Castleisland; Thomas Curtayne, Cooni, Cordal, Castleisland; Maurice Wolfe, Knockeen, Castleisland; Cornelius Brosnan, Close, Castleisland; Cornelius Kevin, Scartaglen, Castleisland; Denis Crowley, Mountfalvey, Scartaglen, Castleisland.