HC Deb 13 January 1913 vol 46 cc1691-2W

asked the Chief Secretary whether the Return of Irish Departmental officials, of which notice stands on the Order Paper, will be granted: [2. Mr. Ginnell,—Salaried Officials (Ireland),—Return of all the Salaried Officials in all the Government Departments in Ireland, setting forth in each case the name, present official position, date of appointment, age at that date, whether the appointment was by (a) nomination without examination, (b) nomination with limited competition, or (c) nomination with qualifying examination, present salary, automatic increase in next ten years, date when pension will accrue, amount of pension in normal course, total of present salaries and total of automatic: increases for each Department, and the totals for all the Departments?]


I am not prepared to grant the Return. A calculation as to the cost of the Civil Service in Ireland at the end of ten years on the lines of the proposed Return would be valueless as it would be impossible to foretell the effect of deaths, promotions, and other changes.